Our Past

Elamant was successfully launched on November 8th, 2017 in front of hundreds of excited people at the Capital Theater in Singapore and online through live-streaming services. Over the first full year, we have made many enhancements and have also been able to market test the best direction for the company and our members. Learning from our past has been the ultimate resource in helping us transform our company into a universal platform that will be more lucrative to both our members and our worldwide merchant partners for many years to come.

Our Present

With a year now in the making, we have achieved thousands of active members and we are continuing to grow! As we prepare for the next level of growth we have already began enhancing operations, marketing, legal/compliance, programming and infrastructure, as well as communication to the members and enhancing the benefits in our membership offering. Great momentum is happening and we look positively forward to the future!

Our Future

Elamant is geared to become Singapore’s most luxurious benefits membership offering within the next few years based on the rapid growth and high retention. The future of the company is exciting for both the members and our marketing partners. As an exclusive universal membership platform, we will be adding in an ‘element’ from each lifestyle division such as beauty products, health and wellness, professional training and skill building, technology, crypto security, and many other benefits. Shopping rewards and travel discounts are already integrated into the membership and will continue to be enhanced for the benefit of all our members.