Elamant is a membership benefits club like no other! Built for the modern-day shopper, global explorer, and ambitious entrepreneur, our goal and mission is to provide one high-class solution to enhance every ‘element’ of life!

Wholesale Travel Benefits

Travel First Class or Business Class and save up to 60% on select bookings! With reservation assistance, our ‘Best Price Guarantee’, and our ‘Travel Credits’ to earn you FREE TRAVEL, we are certain we have the BEST travel product in the marketplace!

Data Rewards Shopping

Get special rewards for sharing your shopping experiences! No need to change where you currently shop, just keep the receipt and earn rewards of up to 20% back per shopping receipt submitted!

Lifestyle Portfolio/Social Media

Showcase your lifestyle with our unique social media platform! Make new business connections and grow your professional network.

Consulting Program

Interested in helping us train and support our ever growing database of members? Our qualified consultants earn $20 per hour and up!
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Instant Access

You don’t have to wait for a mail delivery service because you will receive instant access to ALL benefits right away!

e-Commerce Solutions

For many people, shopping online is more convenient. With our instant savings and growing ecommerce network, we are sure to bring even more value to your current shopping habits.

Data Rewards

We allow our members to share their shopping experiences and receive rewards! Our members shop at the same stores with no change to their current purchasing habits.

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It’s never too late to become what you ‘might have been.’ You have the power within you to change your life and live your dreams. Unlock your potential. Find YOUR ‘element.’

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Membership Benefits

Create a member club that incentivizes shoppers, travelers, and social influencers to share data with us on their everyday spending patterns.

Collect Data Patterns

Proper collection and preservation of shopping data will give us the ability to create reports on actual shopping patterns.
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Data Consistency Flow

Members supply personal shopping patterns every week to produce a steady stream of fresh and current data to the company. Over time, the data collected will be more consistent and reliable to create a target market ready for advertising.

Sell to Local Merchants

Small to medium-sized local businesses are constantly searching for new loyal customers. By incentivizing our members to shop at specific local merchants who advertise with us through our Merchant Advertising Platform (M.A.P.), these merchants will see instant value without the need to offer discounts or special rates to maintain them.


Over a 3-5 year window, we expect to have millions of members using our platform and supplying fresh data to us every second. With this type of information, in addition to selling to local merchants in the area with the largest amount of shoppers, we will have the opportunity to monetize our data to large analytics, marketing, and even credit card companies just like Facebook and Google has already proven possible.